Welcome to the Elisabet Ney Museum's Digital Collections! 

The Elisabet Ney Museum, the former studio home of German sculptor Elisabet Ney, is dedicated to showcasing Ney's art and engaging the public through exhibitions and educational programs, both in-person and virtually. The Elisabet Ney Museum’s Digital Collections consist of correspondence, photographs, and ephemera relating to the life of Elisabet Ney, as well as the museum’s Permanent Sculpture Collection and other artifacts from the museum’s exhibits. 

Every item and collection is presented with its associated "Dublin Core" metadata - in other words, a list of information that describes the object, such as Creator, Date, Description, and more. Linking this information to the objects and documents allows users like you to search through site more easily and find relevant information to your interests. 

As an early leader of the Texas Womens Movement and a vigorous education and arts advocate, Elisabet Ney was one of a kind. This site, alongside curriculum-aligned tours of the historic site, is aimed towards those who wish to learn more about art, history, science, and more through archival materials. The goal is to promote educational interactions with primary sources as students, historians, and more discover the woman behind the legend.

Recently Added Items

Striped burnoose cloak, cloth, circa 19th century


Black and white striped burnoose cloak. A burnoose is a traditional hooded cloak worn by men in many Arabic cultures and across northern Africa. It…

Red burnoose cloak, wool and silk, circa 19th century


Red wool burnoose, or caftan, with silk lining and black Arabic lettering. A burnoose is a traditional hooded cloak worn by men in many Arabic…

Artist's smock, cotton, 19th century


Ney's cotton smock. She wore such smocks while sculpting and in daily life, alongside similarly utilitarian boots and pants. It opens on one side and…

Frock coat, with belt, velvet, circa 19th century


Part of a black velvet frock coat with a blue and black fabric belt. The material has been partially eaten by insects, with blemishes along the entire…

Joseph Dibrell, marble bust, circa 1901

Joseph B Dibrell Marble NOT ON DISPLAY.jpg

Joseph Dibrell, a Texas lawyer and politician, and his wife, Ella Dancy Dibrell, were good friends and supporters of Elisabet Ney. Following Ney's…

Wrist watch, blackened metal, circa 19th century


Wrist watch, blackened with incomplete and broken serpentine band. Removed from the frame because the framer used glue, synthetic felt, and cardboard.…

Shirt front (two pieces), fabric, circa 19th century


Two-piece man's embroidered shirt-front, requires studs.